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Zopiclone is said to be a sleeping pill. It makes you sleep even more quickly and easily. It is a treatment for short term sleeping problems like insomnia.

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Zopiclone is said to be a sleeping pill. It makes you sleep even more quickly and easily. It is a treatment for short term sleeping problems like insomnia. It is very much useful for people who find it difficult to sleep on time or face shortage in sleep, some people may take time to sleep in night.

Zopiclone is manufactured by a most reliable brand called INTAS.  Zopiclone should be used only for short time span that is 10 days or lesser. As our body gets used to it quickly, our body may get dependent on it, if taken constantly for more than prescribed time.  

2.How it works:

It works on the chemicals inside your brain and relax your body as well as mind. It is effective and it decreases the time for you to fall asleep, also it decreases the number of times when you wake up in night. Simultaneously, it increases the sleeping time.  It takes 1 hour to work.

3.Dosage :

It should be taken as per prescribed by doctor only.  This medicine should be taken for short time span, that is 10 days or lesser than that.  Zopiclone  comes in tablet form only. But it can also be found in liquid form for the people who find it difficult to swallow whole tablet. Light dose (i.e. half tablet) is preferable for older people.


  1. What if you forget?

If you forget to take it before going to bed, just take next dose next night directly.


  1. What if you overdose?

If you accidently consume more than prescribed by doctor, you should immediately consult a doctor.


4.Uses Of Zopiclone:

It mainly reduces daytime anxiety. It has many uses:

  • Insomnia –

Sleeping disorders are overcome using this medicine. Difficulty is sleeping continuously over night time.  People may find it difficult to sleep in night on regular basis. Difficulty in Sleeping is one of the serious issue.


  • Fibromyalgia –

It is nothing but a muscular pain included with mental disorders like fatigue, sleeping, mood swings, memory issues.


  • Poor sleep –

Disturbed Sleep is one of the symptom of “poor sleep” problem.

  • Difficulty in staying asleep –

After falling asleep, there is disturbance in sleep which leads some people to wake up.

This is commonly found in people who have stressful life because of workload in office.

  1. Side effects:

This medicine is treated as solution for sleeping issues like insomnia. Overly intake can cause serious conditions. Zopiclone has few side effects:

  • metallic taste in mouth
  • dryness in mouth
  • memory problems
  • drowsiness
  • bitter taste
  1. Precautions:

Kindly test whether you’re allergic to the medicine. It is advisable to check with medical conditions like lung disease,  liver disease,  shortage in breathing .etc. Avoid alcohol while taking this medicine. Inform your healthcare professional if you’re already on the medicine. Women should inform doctor if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding or planning to conceive.

7.Direction of use:

This medicine can be taken directly with or without food. It needs to be stored at room temperature.  Only 1 tablet needs to be consumed at bedtime.

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