Etinax  1 Mg is an effective anti-anxiety medicine. It is similar to benzodiazepine medicines. Etinax is used for managing the anxiety.

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Etinax  1 Mg is an effective anti-anxiety medicine. It is similar to benzodiazepine medicines. Etinax is used for managing the anxiety. It is also known as short-term treatment of insomnia.  This is useful for mental health issues like sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, insomnia, vertigo and other problems. People with depression may also find this medicine very helpful .  It helps to relax body muscles  and slows down the activity of brain cells, which makes you sleep earlier and helps you sort out your problem of insomnia.

Etinax is widely preferable by people with mental health issues. It has many health benefits. Etinax is manufactured by a most reliable and trusted brand called INTAS.

2.How it works:

It has properties which suppresses excessive activity of the nerve cells in the brain. The effect of medicine can be observed within 30-60 minutes.  This effect can last for 6-8 hours.

3.Dosage :

Intake of the medicine, should be strictly followed as per prescribed by doctor. You can consume it orally with or without food.

– What if you miss it?

If you miss the dosage of Etinax, you should take it as soon as possible. But if it’s already time for next  dose , you should skip that missed dose and follow regular schedule only.

– Do NOT Overdose !

You should never overdose this medicine. If in case you did, you should immediately visit doctor. The schedule must be strictly followed which is given by the doctor or a consultant.


4.Uses Of Etinax:

This medicine is highly reliable medicine for anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Also it helps you with sleeping disorders.


Etinax helps in overcoming anxiety, dizziness and insomnia. This medicine helps you to treat mental disorders  like Anxiety Disorders.


Some people may feel extreme fear or endless worry while sleeping in night . Etinax helps you to overcome this  inability to sleep.


  1. Side effects:

You may have some side effects after it’s intake. Central nervous system gets affected cause of it’s dose. This medicine affects body and it’s systems. It shows effects on patient within 1 hours of intake. Etinax has few side effects :

  • – Headache

–  Slurred or slow speech

–  Weakness in muscles

–  Depression

– Fainting

– Sleepiness

– Visual disturbance

  1. Precautions:

There are certain precautions you need to follow before consumption of the medicine. You should never overdose it . Intake should be avoided by pregnant women or by the women on breast-feeding. People who have lungs or  liver disease shouldn’t have it. This can cause you drowsiness or dizziness, hence do not drive vehicles after you consume the medicine. It is highly recommended to  avoid any kind of physical movements or activity. If you are alcoholic or a drug addict, kindly avoid this medicine. Be careful before taking this medicine, check if you are allergic to it.

7.Direction of use:

This medicine should  be consumed directly with or without food. Also, it should be swallowed directly without chewing or crushing. It needs to be stored at room temperature.

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