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Etilaam is a drug that is manufactured and controlled by Intas Pharmaceuticals, a major pharmaceutical company from India. This medication is used in short-term management of anxiety issues and the short-term treatment of insomnia, a sleep disorder that affects many people.

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Etilaam is manufactured by INTAS for diagnosis of unusual heart beat, depression and other mental disorders and is very effective medicine used for treatment of anxiety disorders, dizziness, insomnia .etc. Sometimes it is prescribed for short term treatment of anxiety, dizziness and insomnia. This medication is sedative in nature, it may give you hypnotic effect.

It is mostly recommended as a therapy for psychological disorders and to normalize sleep cycle. It is advisable to avoid physical activity or movements as it may cause drowsiness. So avoid physical movements for your own safety.

2.How it works:

Etilaam tablet is nothing but a benzodiazepine. It contains anxiolytic, hypnotic and sedative properties, which helps to relax your muscles from anxiety attacks. It works effectively in providing relief, relaxation and sleepiness.

3.Dosage :

Intake of the medicine, should be strictly followed as per prescribed by doctor.

– What if you miss it?

If you miss the dosage of Etilaam, you should take it as soon as possible. But if it’s already time for next  dose , you should skip that missed dose and follow regular schedule only.

– Do NOT Overdose !

You should never overdose this medicine. If in case you did, you should immediately visit doctor. The schedule must be strictly followed which is given by the doctor or a consultant.

4.Uses Of Etilaam:


Etilaam has advantages of overcoming anxiety, dizziness and insomnia. This medicine helps you to treat Anxiety Disorders, Panicness, Over- sweating or Sweating of palm. etc.


Some people find it difficult to sleep in night or some may find it hard to sleep properly in night time. But Etilaam helps you to overcome inability to sleep , irritation, memory loss.etc.

5. Side effects:

You may have some side effects after it’s intake. Central nervous system gets affected cause of it’s dose. This medicine affects body and it’s systems. It shows effects on patient within 1-2 hours of intake. Some of them are;

– Sleepiness

– Weakness

– Disturbed Eye sight

– Memory damage

– Confusion

– Headache

– Irritability

– Dizziness

– Depression

– Jaundice

– Rashes

– Nausea

– Shortage of breath

6. Precautions:

There are certain precautions you need to follow before intake of the medicine. You should never overdose it . It is to be avoid by pregnant women. People with liver disease shouldn’t have it. It can cause drowsiness if taken with alcohol. This can cause you drowsiness or dizziness, hence donot drive vehicles after you consume the medicine. Avoid any kind of physical movements or activity. It should be avoided by alcoholic or drug addicts. Some people may face allergic reactions, hence care should be taken accordingly.

7.Direction of use:

You may take this medicine with or without food. It needs to be stored at room temperature.

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