At, the privacy of our customers is on top of the priority list. Every single detail of customers is safe with us. Even third parties don’t have access to use it. This is made possible through the use of high tech systems and strict adherence to the rules and regulations that govern online stores.

You and every single customer of ours is completely safe with us. We have our privacy policy, which has security provided with it. So that your details will be safe and secure.

What makes secure is:

  • Safe Security System relies on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security system which keeps all third parties at bay whenever they try to access valuable information provided by our customers.

  • Never Receive Spam

You will never find us spamming you with messages by Email or by any means of communication.

  • No Promotional Emails

Some people always send promoting content via mail. But will never send you such promoting emails, messages. However, it will only send you emails which are important enough to keep you updated about orders received, placed or dispatched.